Universal Time

Miscellaneous Documents

Untitled Thoughts - This untitled, undated document would appear to be an early draft of an introduction for a book.
GB Patent Number GB493843. - Bernard's time-base circuit (later known as the Bootstrap Circuit) was patented by STC, and according to him this caused the early development of television to take a different path to get round the patents.
"Precision Radar" by Butement,Newsam and Oxford. 1946 - This document was published in the IEEE Journal in 1946. At this time, the details of radar were only just coming to the attention of the general public, having been secret up until then.
Picking up a Clove Hitch. - This document from the early 1950s, included for entertainment only, was found in Bernard's notebooks.
Bernard's Radar Notebooks. - Bernard's notebooks, covering various times between 1942 and 1948. Adding these is a work in progress.

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