Bernard's Notebooks

This page is a work in progress. I haven't decided yet how best to present the notebook pages.

Bernard left two "Filofax"-style folders containing handwritten notes and appointment diaries for various times between 1942 and 1948, covering his time working on radar during and after World War 2. Before 1939 he was at Bawdsey, and on the outbreak of war moved to ADRDE at Christchurch and later to Malvern.

Bernard had burnt a huge pile of "Top Secret" documents in the 1970s, and this is all that he left us from that period of his life. One must presume that he felt it to be valuable or interesting to others.

One big problem with these notes is that the dates are hard to work out. There are not many actual dates, and it is obvious that the pages are not in strict date order. At the moment they are presented here in exactly the same order as in the physical notebooks.

There is an ongoing project to transcribe the notebooks into plain text, at which you are welcome to join in and have a go.

Here are all the pages from Section 1 of Book 1, presented in animated "Flipping Book" booklets. This is an experiment! :-)

Pages 1-10 Pages 11-20 Pages 21-30 Pages 31-40 Pages 41-50

Pages 51-60 Pages 61-70 Pages 71-80 Pages 81-90 Pages 91-100

Pages 101-110 Pages 111-120 Pages 121-130 Pages 131-140 Pages 141-150

Pages 151-160 Pages 161-170 Pages 171-180 Pages 181-190 Pages 191-200

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